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  • Sascha May

    Sascha May

    UX Designer | Researcher - A former architectural student who believes that design can improve the quality of humans lives

  • Muzli


    The best design inspiration β€” expertly curated, exactly to your taste.

  • Jarit C. (Pop)

    Jarit C. (Pop)

    Senior UI Designer β€’ UX Designer β€’ A Squad Lead @ A financial expert Org. in Thailand

  • Boom Sangveraphunsiri

    Boom Sangveraphunsiri

    Memo of any things in my lazy life.

  • Twitter Design

    Twitter Design

    The voice of Twitter's product design and research team. Current members are listed at https://twitter.com/design/team/members



    WIRED is where tomorrow is realized.

  • TonyVT SkarredGhost

    TonyVT SkarredGhost

    AR/VR dev & startupper, consultant, blogger, game passionate, CV expert, pirate, zombie killer, zerg hunter and much more!

  • Munaf Assaf

    Munaf Assaf

    Interaction Designer

  • Uber Design

    Uber Design

    Creating great experiences that shape the way people move through the world. Work with us: uber.com/design. Follow us on Twitter: @DesigningUber.

  • Alex Yee

    Alex Yee

    Building products that connect people. HWUX Designer @Google. Believer πŸ™. Co-Founder of @AC_BizClub. @artcenteredu alum. @INSEAD alum.

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